Never Argue With An Idiot

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Wise Words.

Hello. Did you read my previous post? ‘Honda Had it Right – Can Hate be Good’?:

Well this post is a kind of follow-up from that. It’s bad enough having something you have no control over, but to have somebody who doesn’t know you or even HEARD of FHM (outside glossy mags) poke fun at you for trying to help yourself? Wow – Single Dad Needs New Car – Man asking for living expenses – to go on a course – to enter people into pageants – Politics

Whilst most of this fund-raising pages don’t SEEM important to many people, they obviously mean a lot to the people who created them. I created a page myself. I have never done one before so was quite nervous about it:

I created this page on 20 August 2014. It doesn’t have many donations, but that’s okay. I mostly created it because I was reluctant to hand over my bank details online to friends who said they wanted to help.

Why am I posting about this today? Well because the other day some-body posted this (please note, I have removed about 40% of this post as it has nothing to do with me):

I have got this right haven’t I? The author of this ‘Report’ is clearly shown as
Reported By: Mxxx Rxxxxxx — Texas ?

How very extraordinary then that yet more blogs have appeared complaining that I am picking on her?

The problem with liars is that even should they very occasionally tell the truth no-one will believe them. As no-one other than Mxxx will put their names to the filth being written, and we know categorically that Mxxx is the leader and main instigator in all this harassment, an educated guess would lead any reader to surmise that Mxxx is still playing silly buggers writing these blogs whilst incredulously sending out a ‘cease and desist’ to her victims when they dare to rebut her lies. Perhaps when Mxxx is otherwise preoccupied, her nefarious sidekick ‘Jetz’ may take the helm, but it is a silly notion to expect any truth when dealing with either duplicitous woman

(note: I don’t know why she put my FB Timeline – It’s private, always has been. No-one can see anything on there unless they are friends)

Jetz is also extremely confused. She runs a blog radio show called She claims to have a spirit guide, and recently has told her ‘public’ that her brain is being eaten away. A month ago Jetz decided that the public should cough up for a monthly supplement (DNA Force™) to ‘cure’ her brain disease. The cost is approximately £80 a month so she created a fundraiser for herself called ‘Barmy For My Brain’ Perhaps I should create a fundraiser for geriatric diapers in case I pee myself as I sit staring vacantly at the walls in the ‘virtual’ old folks home you have so kindly suggested in your blog is now my home. If you raise the money Jetz I hope you will share your health supplement with me, since you, and your equally nutty friends, have decided that I too have dementia.

 Seriously the condition Jetz describes, akin to dementia, hardly seems likely in view of her scoffing at the elderly for declining mental agility. So which is it? Is she scamming for money or does she find her own condition something to poke fun at?

  After running amok on social media with their nasty accusations, are these women by any chance hoping that a defense of ill health will exonerate them? Since they are huge fans of lies, assumptions and spreading rumours I am sure they agree that it is fair if I repeat a rumour that their mentor relies on a condition called Lyme disease to explain away what might appear to most as being too drunk to function as a rational person (link to recorded conversation).

As a radio broadcaster surely Jetz realises that audio broadcasts can be saved as MP3 files? I can assure Jetz that I do have the recording of Jxxxx being interviewed on your show (link to recording), why that should worry her and/or Mxxx is strange. Why on earth did you disable the broadcast Jetz? This was the show where you and Mxxx claim that Ms xx Cxxxix vindicated herself (by blaming others for her misfortune) to your complete satisfaction. Please save us the eternal protest that you three ‘ladies’ rely so heavily on, that you were hacked.

I wish I could say that this venue is fun. It is not. It has become a ‘freak show’ as a friend recently remarked. This report and rebuttals cannot be deleted. Thankfully somebody bought it to my attention and I have the opportunity to question the source/sources. If this report is a conspiracy then it is to your shame that you hung Mxxx out to dry, not mine. If any of you conspirators give a damn about Mxxx, a seriously mentally ill person, then show your names in the spirit of solidarity with her and stop wriggling out of it in silly anonymous blogs.

The reason that I refuse to be intimidated into shuffling away on my virtual walking frame by the people behind this report, and the multitude of blogs etc., is because they obsessively enjoy bullying; better me than a more sensitive individual falls prey to their insatiable lust for character assassination.

I DID left a rebuttal to these comments, but thought I would just mention a couple of things because clearly ‘Karen’ is making it up as she goes along.

1) I never ‘decided the public should cough up’. Nice try ‘Karen’ however, lets not forget that it was ‘Karen’ that shared this page via the Rip Off Report. It was ‘Karen’ that posted it on a site famous for not removing posts. How can ‘Karen’ possibly blame me for something she is doing? As I said a couple of times now, the page is for FRIENDS. FRIENDS have the page link. The ‘public’ haven’t. Well I mean they do now, but that’s because they saw it on Karen’s comment. Not my fault.

2) Nowhere on my page does it say anything about £80 A MONTH. What is she on??

Go Fund Me

Please do, show me where it says ‘£80 a MONTH’? As I said she is making it up as she goes along.

3) WHEN I raise the money, why would I share it with her? (cuckoo). I suggest if ‘Karen’ wants something that CAN help her with her ‘situation’ then she can create another fundraising page.

4) Again WOW. To suggest that I would lie about having something like FHM. Who in their right mind (no pun) would lie about having a disease that leaves them in a ‘comatose’ type state for days on end?

5) I have NEVER used my disease as an excuse for ANYTHING (except for not airing a radio show, but even then I don’t say its anything to do with FHM. I usually don’t offer an explanation). Please do note – ‘KAREN’ found the GoFundMe page. ‘KAREN’ posted it on the Rip off Report. ‘KAREN’ is the one that brought it up. I am not sure HOW she found the page though, given that I don’t advertise it. I can only surmise that she has been Googling me. Again.

6) WHY would I disable a show that I was quite proud of ‘Karen’? WHY would I take down a show that was showing as being one of the best (of the only 3 I had done at that time). WHY would I do that?

Please click this link and then tell me, did I really disable my own account?

7) The venue is not ‘fun’ for any of us either, but ‘Karen’ WILL insist on posting a heap of lies, forcing us to respond. Why can’t she just stop? Why must she insist on posting a whole heap of outright, provable LIES (£80 A MONTH! HA). Well I can only think of two reasons. Either she has got herself into a bit of a rut, where the ‘fight’ has been going on for so long, its part of her daily routine. OR, dementia forbids her from seeing that she posts, we respond. She posts, we respond. And on. And on. And on.

Now there is one thing I would like to thank ‘Karen’ for. Thank you for sharing my GoFundMe page. I really didn’t want to do that because I didn’t want to ask strangers for money, when I know everybody is strapped and their money could be better used elsewhere (like saving animals for example) but ‘Karen’ didn’t see it that way and ‘Karen’ posted it on the Rip Off Report. I am sure ‘Karen’ will have shared it on her Facebook pages too. And her ‘friends’ will have done the same. Thank you. THIS is the result of that sharing:

GFM(Although, after reading the rebuttals from ‘Karen’ I expect she will not accept my thanks for this. I suspect she will decide that I or Mxxx or Jxxxx actually donated this money or posted this comment. She might even suggest its fake, but you can see it on the page)

Never argue with an idiot because they will drag you down to their level and the beat you up with their experience

Honda had it Right – Can Hate be Good?

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‘Can hate be something we don’t hate?’

Normally I would say hate is never good. It’s a huge waste of time and energy, but I guess I have to re-evaluate that opinion.

In April 2014, I was diagnosed with FHM: Familial Hemiplegic Migraine. I have gone through (and probably STILL going through the 7 stages of grief:

Shock/Disbelief: What? How? WHAT?? All these years of pain and suffering and what I have amounts to nothing more than a bloody headache??? Are you kidding me??

Denial: How can it be just bad headaches? So, what is it all about? I cant possibly have that. It has to be more. I got home and checked it out on medical websites and this is what I found:

Hemiplegic Migraine – The Basics

To understand Hemiplegic Migraine, we have to understand that Migraine attacks are episodic manifestations of a genetic neurological disease. Migraine can present in a variety of ways. Hemiplegic Migraine is a rare form of Migraine, made more confusing by there being two variations: Familial Hemiplegic Migraine (FHM) and Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine (SHM).

What are the symptoms? I am only going to post the ones that I experience:

Visual Aura (before the pain begins)

  • a bright shape that spreads across the visual field of one eye and appears to block some or all of the vision; can be seen whether the eye is open or closed
  • flashes of light and color
  • wavy lines
  • geometric patterns
  • blurred vision
  • partial loss of sight
  • Episodes of prolonged aura (up to several days or weeks)



  • partial paralysis
  • weakness or heaviness in the limbs on one side of the body
  • Hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the body)
  • Meningismus (symptoms of meningitis without the actual illness and accompanying inflammation)


  • mental confusion
  • disorientation
  • inability to concentrate
  • difficulty finding words
  • Impaired consciousness ranging from confusion to profound coma
  • The onset of the hemiplegia may be sudden and simulate a stroke


Fluid disturbances

  • increased thirst
  • frequent urination
  • bloating/fluid retention


  • fatigue, lethargy
  • mood changes
  • irritability
  • high energy
  • irritability
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • nervousness
  • euphoria, feeling of intense well-being
  • Headache, which may begin before the hemiplegia or be absent


  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • intolerance of food odors
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea
  • constipation


  • paleness
  • cold, clammy hands and feet
  • facial swelling
  • goose bumps
  • bloodshot eyes
  • black circles around eyes
  • sweating



  • changes in blood pressure
  • blood vessel dilation
  • difficulty regulating temperature
  • changes in heart rhythms


Bargaining: Right, but most of that sounds like Bi-Polar disorder. I accept FHM, but I refuse to believe I have both BPD AND FHM, so I am now waiting to have the BPD re-assessed. 

Guilt: What I hate is making plans to go out with friends and then having to cry off because I am barely conscious. I hate having to call in sick at work and I feel guilty because of the hangover:

“Postdrome” is the official term for that wrung out, exhausted, headachy feeling migraineurs experience after the most painful and intense phase of their migraine attack has passed. Calling this stage, the fourth in a migraine attack, a “migraine hangover” strikes a chord the clinical definition does not. The most active, intense part of the experience is over and you’re left dealing with the not-quite-right aftermath. All without the fun of drinking delicious adult beverages and laughing with your friends.

Not every migraineur experiences postdrome, though most do. In one study, 68% of participants had migraine hangover symptoms that lasted from a few hours to a couple days, with an average duration of 25.2 hours. Symptoms include of tiredness, difficulty concentrating, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, decreased energy, head pain, skin and scalp sensitivity, and mood change.

I first wrote about postdrome in 2007 and have collected more than 250 accounts of migraineurs’ experience with it. People describe the physical sensations as weighted down limbs, moving through mud, walking through quicksand, heaviness and numbness. Some say they feel like they’ve just run a marathon or been beaten up or hit by a truck. Though the pain isn’t as severe as in the height of the migraine, head pain is common and often exacerbated by coughing or sneezing, some say their head and brain feel bruised. Emotionally, people describe being easily agitated and annoyed, impatient, sad and depressed. A dense mental fog or haze, difficulty making decisions, mental confusion, and forgetfulness are also frequently reported symptoms.

Many migraineurs, both in studies and the stories I’ve collected, say that postdrome interferes with their work as well as their family and social relationships. Because the worst of the migraine is over, many feel like they should be able to get more done and feel guilty for not being productive. If you fall into this category — I certainly do — remember that the migraine is not over. You’re still experiencing symptoms, though not as intense, so try to go easy on yourself.

While knowing the medical terms used for migraine is helpful for talking with your doctor about your symptoms and experience, referring to a migraine hangover in social situations can help non-migraineurs understand the severity of the LEAST painful part of a migraine attack. Non-migraineurs think “hangover” and they think horrible headache and feeling wrung out. After I explained the similarities between alcohol and migraine hangovers to a friend, she asked, “You mean the migraine is even WORSE than that?” She was appropriately horrified when I said yes and that the hangover is actually a relief after the pain of the attack.

- Kerrie Smyres –

Anger: Angry?? Damn right I am angry. I have suffered this for years. Why has it only come about now? WHY do I have to have a disease that’s eating away at my brain?  Having joined a support forum I find that FHM CAN cause Epilepsy, Alzheimer, coma along with Permanent partial paralysis. WTF!!! Why is this happening to me?? WHY do I have to have THIS disease on top of all the other diseases and conditions?! When will things be good for ME!!!

Depression: Already, so many parts of my life have been affected. Before this I had never had a day sick, NEVER forgotten my boss/friends names. NEVER forgotten words. I feel angry because I KNOW I am not at my best, but I still feel guilty that I am not doing ‘normal’ everyday things. More important than all of that I am depressed because I feel angry and guilty over something I cant do a thing about. I feel depression knowing that there is no happy ending for me.

Acceptance/Hope: Yes, I now accept my lot. I have always been of the mind, if you cant change something, you should try to adjust to it and unless the MRI shows something different, then I can’t change this. Perhaps the word is not acceptance, perhaps the word is more ‘resignation’.

Hope? really? Your kidding? Okay so I COULD hope that I don’t get any of the more serious ‘stuff’. I live alone in a flat on the 3rd floor, so that would be an issue for me. My employers are amazing about this. After reading some of the stories, I am blessed that I have that, so I hope that I can do my best for them whilst I can. And sometimes, just sometimes when the pain is real bad, I hope this will be the last one. When I feel an attack, I usually post on FB something like ‘Shoot me. Shoot me now’. Whilst I love my friends, I hope they don’t realize I am being serious.

So back to the title: Can hate be good? I have to change my opinion and say YES because if I didn’t hate what this was doing to me, I wouldn’t so determined to find out everything about it. I know its uncurable, but it has just GOT to be manageable.

Hasn’t it?



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And this is where it all began. The TRUE instigator of all the hate n violence

Originally posted on War On ARA:

The following emails are proof that Peter and Julia have been in contact, PREVIOUSLY before the campaign. This email here refers to actions done for the Korean Dogs and Julia’s plan/ idea for NoToDogMeat even though it had not started. Julia’s original plan was to do things just for Korea but then expanded to NTDM globally.

—–Original Message—–
From: peter egan <SIC>
To: <SIC>
Sent: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 19:46
Subject: Re: Twitter etc- ” N0 To Dog Meat” ( @notodogmeat)
Hi Julia,

Well done. Giving the petition another push. Can’t understand why it’s taking so long to achieve its objective. Keep me posted. Will try to attend in July.

Peter (-:)
On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 6:16 PM, F <SIC> wrote:

Hi quick message from Korean Dogs and what is now soon to be launch of the ” No to Dog Meat Campaign”
We have staged several…

View original 1,382 more words


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Connecting the dots… from the previous reblogged masterpiece

Originally posted on War On ARA:

Connecting the dots, on how everyone and thing is connected to this hate campaign. As you saw from the Emails, Julia and Peter Egan have been in contact for quite some time. You can also see that Julia told him about the No to dog meat campaign. The fact is, No to dog meat is just a campaign ARM, for World Protection of the dogs and cats in the meat trade.

We will try to make this as simplified as we can, for others to understand. During this hate campaign, No to dog meat was just starting out, now what do I mean by just starting out?
Getting their feet on the ground, fighting to become registered fully, because at the time they only had a temporary registration. Yes they were still allowed to collect donations with just a temporary registration.

Since May, two women have been watching their page. 

View original 293 more words

The Others Involved

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This is incredible. I have to reblog this from my friends over at War on ARA. Fantastic work team. You are awesome

Originally posted on War On ARA:


Let’s see why didn’t Michele Brown name the people? Because she was that person who wasn’t using the money the right way, while under Julia’s campaign. Far as we know these two, Michele and Lorraine, have been connected through NTDM and possibly were or are still friends…

Also I must point out that saying you’re going to break someone’s legs well, that’s a threat, and not how people talk to others who they might donate too.

We’re coming up to the point where the Sydney people were “supposedly” ripped off. Lorraine was the organizer of this event, and I hate doing this personally. But it was not the amount they claimed, which they claimed to be $5,000. Simply put Julia never received that amount.

You all might want to look at the one who stole everything from NTDM, that being Jon Williamson, Craig, and Michele. As said before, donation links…

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Trying To Silence People: Fake Reports To Facebook

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Trying To Silence People: Fake Reports To Facebook.


You know, I am reading this blog and all I can imagine, is a guy who spends 18 hours a day on his pc, reporting Facebook comments, whilst humming/whistling and yes, dare I say it? Badly singing:


Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Chorus Home, home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Where the air is so pure, and the zephyrs so free,
The breezes so balmy and light,
That I would not exchange my home on the range,
For all of the cities so bright.

The Red man was pressed from this part of the west,
He’s likely no more to return,
To the banks of the Red River where seldom if ever
Their flickering campfires burn.

How often at night when the heavens are bright,
With the light from the glittering stars,
Have I stood there amazed and asked as I gazed,
If their glory exceeds that of ours.

Oh, I love these wild flowers in this dear land of ours,
The curlew I love to hear cry,
And I love the white rocks and the antelope flocks,
That graze on the mountain slopes high.

Oh give me a land where the bright diamond sand,
Flows leisurely down in the stream;
Where the graceful white swan goes gliding along,
Like a maid in a heavenly dream.

Then I would not exchange my home on the range,
Where the deer and the antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are not cloudy all day.




The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

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You picked the very best day to fuck me about Jon:
Jon: Tarnia your name is TARNIA not JET there is no JET dumb shit in the island of Jersey and that ANYONE asshole can look up. Still using fake names are we?
Your right there Jon. There is no JET dumb shit (who would have a name like that anyway?) in the island, but as I keep telling you, you moronic ASSHOLE my name is JETZ MADDOX, well easy to find, for those who actually learnt how to spell.

Are you saying you contacted ALL 98,000 residents and you STILL couldn’t find me? Didnt contact ANY of the couple hundred FB friends you kindly listed and sent to me?? No?? Is that too much for your tiny, drug rotted mind to comprehend?

Ok, so STOP telling me what you want my name to be. This life is not called the Jonny Show. Speaking of fakes, when are YOU going to stop with all yours? Not admitting that here today then? Its ok, I know who you are JONNY/JOSE/HARVEY/JOSEPH.
I notice you never mentioned when you were coming to serve those papers for the UK and the Jersey lawsuit you took against me like I ASKED? Oh but hang on….. How can you bring a case against me, when you have just stated you dont know who I am?? See how you trip yourself?


Too many fake accounts there, its hard to keep the profiles straight. Like how you (as Jose) claim to have made a case against me in the UK, but you (Jose) lives in Spain (which, by the way, doesn’t ‘begin with an R’. No, it begins with an S).

Spain with an RSpainPolice 2

HUH? Come again? Hm, but you claimed over and over again that:

1) you had spoken to the police in Jersey AND Guernsey (though I don’t know WHY you went there) who ‘know me very well’. I guess that’s a lie too seeing as ‘there is no JET dumb shit in the island’

2) You have CAD numbers from both UK and Jersey? I guess that’s a lie too as, like you said: ‘there is no JET dumb shit in the island’

CAD no
3) You were contacted by my ex – Yet HE wasn’t able to tell you my name either. He couldn’t identify me from that picture you took of me and showed to him? Don’t you think that’s a little ‘odd’, a bit ‘mentally unstable’ Jonny? That probably would have resolved this right there and then, but you don’t want that do you? Nope you would much rather convince yourself and your ‘buddies’ that ‘there is no JET dumb shit in the island’.


Ok, so what else have you stated whilst you were having your daily 3 HOUR lunch break, or did you comment during your 6 HOUR dinner break (8 on the weekends)? Gee Jonny, that’s 10 hours a weekday stuffing your fat disgusting face and 18 hours a day ‘trolling’ my pages. I guess it wasn’t JUST English you couldn’t be bothered to learn. Math seems to have gone right out the window too:


Did you say three jobs, you meant three internet stalking pages that use oh and there is the “blog talk radio” very paid off course. Make stories up? You mean you want me to do what YOU do?> an everyday occurance of a paranoid delusionist.

I DID say three jobs Jonny and I told you where they all were. Now, bear in mind that there is clearly ‘no JET dumb shit in the island’ do you think that’s why you could not prove this to be true?:
“Hello, yes can I speak to JET dumb shit please?”
“I am sorry I think you have the wrong number. There is no-one here of that name”.

Could that be how it went, do you think?
and no, I don’t class my pages as ‘work’, they are no bother to me. I actually LIKE maintaining my 3 pages. I can understand that having over 20 like you do would be a chore, but really, mine are great to work on. A real pleasure.

Who is the paranoid Delusionalist Jonny (incidentally Wikipedia, the ‘online dictionary’ really let you down here. That’s not even a real word)?


- The person who tricks himself into believing real people (Jetz, Mary, Bobbie, Liz, xxxxx, Janette, Julia – All women incidentally. Funny that) don’t exist and the names HE makes up are the real people?

Or the person who has not been caught out on a lie in 2 YEARS (that’s right you paranoid cyberstalking pitiful excuse of a non ‘humane’ being, two years you have been doing this. GET A LIFE!) because that person doesnt actually tell lies?

Which one Jonny? Go on, Speak up, which person, YOU or me????

And just in case you think you have the power to remove this blog like you did none of my others, I would like to remind you of this:



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